Saturday, February 27, 2010

The 41st Annual NAACP Image Awards: The Curvy Edition

I'd be lying if I said I watched the image awards. As I get older awards shows are blah to me. They don't hold my attention for long. I watched long enough to notice the oh so debonair Hill Harper as host and a few choice fashions. Here are the curvy girls that really caught my eye:

From Precious, Ms. Gabby Sibide was the woman of the hour. I thought her makeup was beautiful and subtle, her hair was pretty and Old school reminiscent. I love the dress however ehhh, but all in all she looked lovely

I <3  this dress! Just everything about it! The color, the style, the fit....ahhhh! Ms. Amber Riley brought the heat in this ensemble, but then again I adore everything she wears. Her hair and makeup just topped off an already (IMHO) hot look!

Next is the suddenly thinner looking and very fabulous Ms. Raven-Symone. I thought this pink,brown and gold number was just enough...ummm sexy-demure if you will. I thought it accented her curves remarkably and was just all around beautiful head to toe. A+ for that hot shoe and sexy pink lip, but all praises go to that hot new cut. I've already spoken on my Raven-symone hair envy. That hair is to die for on her!
Ms. Monique looked exquisite as always, but the dress was very ummmmm wedding dress/prom-ish idk not being a hater it just wasn't my cup of tea. I loved her hair and makeup, but I couldn't help to wonder....did she shave her legs this time?? LOL
And the woman that made me drop my jaw was the fabulous Ms. Jill Scott....

I don't even know what to say about this.......except...downright beautiful I love the color, the fabric, the hair....and wth knew she had legs like those? HOT MAMA! *shrug*
Anyway enough of my blase opinions what did you think about the looks? Or the show as a whole? (if you got a chance to watch)


  1. OK I disagree, with Gaby...I think she looks older. I wish someone would style her correctly. This dress makes her look older and I'm not a fan of her hair and makeup. *sigh* I don't want her to look hellish at the Oscars and end up on the worse dressed list. Raven, OMG, hawt, I saw Jill Scott in another dress and I died! Ravishing beauties!

  2. i love jill scott!! good find!! and saying!! i am a big girl to myself so i could relate. but i love myself and think i am still gorgeous love your blog! . please follow my blog, and i follow yours, i am new to this blogging world.. you dont even need to follow, just leave a comment, saying how i could improve it...cause i want a perfect, all about beauty for african american skin and fun , blog!



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