Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Chick Bad......

I like pink. That's why I'm a princess. Three years into me proclaiming to be the ULTIMATE princess here sashays this chick Nicki Minaj wearing pink tracks and proclaiming to a barbie. At first I laughed, but she grew on me. I like her style, her look is exotic, and hell she loves pink! Now though I might not ever throw a weft of pink weave in my hair I can always acknowledge the flyness of another sister. Not to mention I'm already working on getting my flyness back in order. This song just makes me wanna step my game up! Enjoy!


  1. OK so I think Nicki's style is semi cute (i hate to admit that). I love the pink tracks in her hair, but I personally think she should stop rapping. LOL just my opinion of course. Umm, I think she's trying a bit hard to embrace her GaGa in this vid & sorry, only GaGa can do it!

  2. and gaga annoys the christ outta me but I like nicki's rap style and her little accents, but I hate those damn pink tracks LOL



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