Thursday, February 11, 2010

My take on the John Mayer uproar

Ok so the whole twitterworld and internet community were all in an uproar yesterday about the words of Mr. John C. Mayer. He is a great artist, and wonderful singer, but he just shouldn't talk. I know I might rile a few people up with the statement I'm about to make, but hey it's just my opinion. Unless you were living under a very large rock yesterday everyone suddenly seemed to get a hold of the John Mayer Playboy interview. He made a barrage of idiotic offensive statements, but I am going to highlight my opinions on just one.
"I don’t think I open myself to it. My dick is sort of like a white supremacist. I’ve got a Benetton heart and a fuckin’ David Duke cock. I’m going to start dating separately from my dick."- on dating black women- John Mayer

So basically he said he's just not attracted to black women. Okay. African-American women had a flipping uproar because he has a David Duke cock. Soooooooooo????? I have a Black panther juice boxx!!! Big flipping deal! I spot attractive Caucasian men on a regular basis, but none are attractive enough to make me sexually attracted to them. As tactless and crude as his statement was it was honest. I respect honesty. Preference is preference. I have had my fair share of crushes on people of another race, but sexual intercourse is not a thought to me with those people. Besides can you imagine him with someone like Beyonce??? He wouldn't know what the hell to do with her. All this means now is when he's singing "Your Body Is a Wonderland" I know he's not singing to me. Because I already knew I wasn't singing to him LOL.


  1. Yes girl I agree. I just posted about him too saying SO WHAT!?!?!!? people give these celebrities wayy too much say so over them..
    well said!!

  2. Now they got this foolish man crying and apologizing. SMH Okay he lacks tact but he spoke honestly. I say just leave it alone!

  3. I like him and honestly I'm not moved. It seems like the media is making a bigger deal out of it than anyone. I've heard people use the same words (some worse) about their own race. Don't say ish you don't want to hear yourself.

  4. i'm sorry but i'm shocked that you don't seem to understand why people are upset with the way john mayer talked about black women. he compared his dick to a white supremicist, people who want blacks to disappear off the face of the earth, AND david duke, a member of the kkk, a terrorist organization that hung black people from trees and burned them alive. if he wasn't a braindead racist and had some tact and maturity, all he would've answered to the insulting, loaded, and ridiculous question "do black women throw themselves at you?" was "i've never had the opportunity to date black women." no one would have been mad at him because people have preferences and it's not a crime. but it is out of line to denigrate a group of women because you prefer not to date them. and what about the insulting way he talked about kerry washington? he basically painted her as some sexually licentious ho, which is a common stereotype of black women. he even said she would "break your heart like a white girl". why, because being a black woman is not good enough? he really is a racist piece of s**t.

    not only that, this fool had the nerve to act like he had a "hood pass" simply for having black friends, thought he could intellectualize the black experience because he too as a wealthy white man has stuggled, and OH HE USED THE N-WORD. i know this was long, but i hope everything i've written has given you a little perspective on why people think he's a bigoted sh*tbag.

  5. @Mia I discussed the one part that I WANTED to discuss. If he by choice does not want to have sexual relationships with black women that is his business. Like I stated firmly in my blog. He could have said it all with much tact, but chose not to. I wont get mad at him for his preference. Nor do I feel as if his opinion is top priority. John Mayer (no matter what he says) does not and will not take top priority in my life).

  6. okay i'll focus on the one part you want to discuss although i'm not sure why you would want to take it out of the context of everything else he said, because it's all related. anyway, as i previously said, "no one would have been mad at him because people have preferences and it's not a crime. but it is out of line to denigrate a group of women because you prefer not to date them." bringing up the kkk and white supremacy in reference to even the thought of dating black women is racist. he wasn't just tactless, he was racist. there is always a way to make a statement, and if he all he was doing was being honest, he would have simply said he hasn't dated black women, he wouldn't have been associating black women with the people who used to hang us from trees. john mayer has always dated white women and no one cared. people really JUST have a problem with the racist b.s. that came out of his mouth. i don't tolerate racism from anyone whether it be a celebrity or my next door neighbor, because if it goes unaddressed, it continues. and i also think what he has said is more of a priority then you care to admit if you're willing to dedicate an entire blog post to the issue.

  7. I wont let him shake my foundation or cause me to get angry. For the better part of this I shake my head and feel sorry for him. But I refuse to get mad.



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