Thursday, December 31, 2009

09's Wrap up!

I love Skillz! If you're not familiar. Skillz is a Virginia underground rapper who amongst other things does a hot ass End of year wrap up every year. Entertaining. Very funny. Hot (personally I think he is too) *wink*

Monday, December 28, 2009

I resolve.....

Everyone makes New Years' resolutions....ok not everyone, but a lot of people. I have time and time again. Resolutions that I knew I couldn't keep before the words completely came out of my damn mouth. I said shit that sounded appropriate. As a fat girl everyone assumes that my first resolution should be to lose weight. So that's what I would say. I didn't necessarily NOT want to lose weight, but I made it sound like an absolute priority because other assholes felt as if it should be. I have many other issues in my life.

2010 New Years' Resolutions

I resolve to.....
1) Take better care of myself
a) More fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and water. Less red meat, pork, sugar, salt, fat, and fast food
b)More exercise
c) more sleep

2) Learn to LOVE ACCORDINGLY! The good Christian trait of loving unconditionally is great, but...... I tend to love unabashedly, unconditionally, wholeheartedly, and with complete reckless abandon. I tend to be left holding the hurt box of feelings when friendships and other relationships fall to pieces. Not anymore. Love those with the same intensity of love you are given...I know it sounds crazy and almost impossible, but I'm 28. No need starting a new decade with hurt feelings again.

3)Become better with my finances
a)Come up with new, legal ways to make extra cash
b)Save more money and minimize unnecessary spending

4) Up The Presentation
I used to be really into my "look". I always felt as a plus size chick my presentation required a little more work. As the public already took points away upon meeting strictly on my weight. I used to be all about the flyness EVERY damn day. Flawless make-up, hair, shoes, and gear were mandatory. Now I have become.....lazy. I don't know if it's the idea of being in a relationship that makes me get fashion complacent or what, but I gotta step my game up. A few pairs a shoes, some nice tops, and a few hot pieces should set me back on track. Either way "It's all about presentation".

5) Get out more....
In the last say.....three years my job has become my life. OMG How did I let my life be ruled by pancakes I do not know, but it must change. I never go anywhere anymore. I must fix this immediately before I become...the old secluded cat lady.

I think that should be enough to keep me occupied the entire decade let alone 2010! I was thinking about adding "stop being a colossal bitch" on the list, but that's one of my fave characteristics. I wouldn't be me without it.

So what are YOUR Resolutions?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My girls are coming BACK!

After a hard days work I come home and spot this on the Internet. My girls are on their way back! May 28th, 2010 can NOT come fast enough! I will not work that night! Cosmos, Martinis, and my fave four girls in the world out on a "me" date! Whether the boyfriend takes me or not! I have been a Sex and The City fan for a pretty long while. They have a lot to do with my take on life, relationships, sex, friendships, and fashion. Not to mention I have talked every guy I've ever dated since age 21 into watching at least five episodes. This made my day and I just had to pass it on! Perfect look, perfect movie and perfect song!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Baby

Dear Santa,

For the most part I've been a good girl this year. I haven't went to jail at all in 09'. I only made about three girls cry this entire year at work, and I haven't slapped the fuck out of anyone, though I am tested daily. I haven't done anything mean to my boyfriend that he didn't deserve, and I have only yelled at really really dumb people.So with that being said I think I deserve a little something extra.....I want everything I'm requesting and I don't need it all necessarily by December 25th. I do have a patience button. I can wait till upwards of March. No later.

Wish List

Nintendo Wii w/ Wii fit

Ikea furniture

A Crock pot (please don't ask why)
A fabulous loft apartment in downtown Milwaukee


as much good sex and love as my body and heart can handle

And a car...nothing super spiffy...a Chevy Cavalier will be just fine!

As you can see I have made very useful and normal requests. I do apologize for the lateness of my requests, but you've been meeting my wants for years now. I'm sure you can deliver. Especially since I am extending my deadline until March. Thanks and have a blessed holiday.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who gon' check me boo?

No I do not claim to be the baddest bitch this side of Southeastern Wisconsin. I hate to sound immature and tacky in these next couple of lines, but I will be honest. I have respect for everyone. When someone disrespects me or crosses the line we have a problem. I am 28 years old so I do know how to control myself, but I will fuck a bitch up! I am scared of no one so.....where the hell did they find these season four Bad Girls Club bitches from? And what makes these chicks bad girls? If you've been faithfully watching episodes like some people I know you have all the info. I however was pulled into the trash last night out of boredom.

So does self-proclaiming that you "run Los Angeles", talking all the damn time, and having a face similar to the beloved Mr. Ed make you a bad girl?

Thinking I'm joking?? You be the Judge...

I whopped the asses of girls tougher than her back in 86' on the Schulte Elementary School playground.


What's so bad ass about letting another bitch get away with hitting you in the face??? And not only letting her live to tell about it, but letting her continue to stay in the house? And becoming her friend? Where they do that at? Shall we rehash the memory??? I think we shall....

As much as this show repulses me I do have some fave points. I absolutely LOVE Florina

She's just bomb ass, real,and minus the bisexual thing a lot like me.

And I'm full of excitement to see Natalie "hopefully" get her head caved in on Tuesday's episode.

Hmm.... hopefully. Wondering why I didn't comment on the other three girls? Because they are truly that unimportant. So I guess the question really is.....Whose Bad?

R.I.P Brittany Murphy

Not that I'm dying to tell my business, but Clueless was the movie that set me out on my glamorous pre-teen years. The girls were fashionable, rich, popular, and okay a little dense (correction) very dense, but I wanted to be like all of them. Namely Brittany Murphy's character, Tai because she seemes so....I don't know....wholesome. I thought she was pretty damn kick ass if I must say so myself. Recently she's made my boyfriend and I's nights as the voice of Luanne Platter on "King Of The Hill".

It saddens me to say the world lost one more ray of sunshine.Below is the story in detail reported by NY Daily News

Actress Brittany Murphy, the 32-year-old starlet who got her start in the movie "Clueless," died Sunday in Los Angeles.

The troubled screen siren and singer went into full cardiac arrest early Sunday and could not be revived, according to a hospital spokeswoman.

It was her beloved mom who discovered her unconscious in the shower, according to the Web site TMZ. When paramedics arrived just after 8 a.m., they immediately began administering CPR and rushed her to nearby Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

She was pronounced dead at 10:04 a.m., Cedars-Sanai spokeswoman Sally Stewart said.

Murphy became a household name among teens in 1995 as the sidekick in "Clueless" who went from awkward wall flower to snotty hottie.

She has appeared in more than 25 movies since then including "8 Mile," "Girl Interrupted," "Don't Say a Word," and "Sin City."

A few years ago, the actress with a distinctively gravelly voice released the single "Faster Kill Pussycat," which quickly became a dance club hit.

Murphy lived in Edison, N.J., before moving to California when she was 13 and landing her first television role in "Blossom."

She underwent a transformation from a too-pudgy-for-Hollywood brunette to a skinny blonde whose ample cleavage landed her in Maxim's 100 hottest women in 2003.

After appearing underweight with super-plump lips in the last few years, rumors have swirled about drug use and plastic surgery.

Last month, Murphy's husband of two years, Simon Monjack, was rushed to a hospital after his plane landed at Los Angeles Airport. He was incoherent when EMTs boarded the plane.

In October, cops got a call from neighbors complaining that a frantic Murphy was on her balcony screaming about gunshots being fired near her home in Hollywood.

The noise was found to be coming from a generator.

She was engaged to two other men before marrying Monjack in 2007.

On Sunday, her old squeeze, actor Ashton Kutcher, Murphy's costar in 2003's "Just Married," posted this tweet on Twitter: "See you on the other side kid . . . 2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany's family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon."

I'm so sad to see another talented soul go. Rest In Peace Brittany!
“Everybody has difficult years, but a lot of times the difficult years end up being the greatest years of your whole entire life, if you survive them.”
-Brittany Murphy

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dancing Machine

Seriously Jeremih's voice annoys the flying fuck out of me, but......

*swallows* Damn Mama I wanna be a stripper when I grow up! Seriously these chicks are BAD! In a good way.....sorry I'm just saying! LOL I'm done now....carry on!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I guess everyone can take a dip in the pool...

My mother's favorite line (as far as I can remember) is "I can't stand a liar and a thief". I think I inherited that belief. I have great disdain for both, but there is one more type of person I hate. I can't stand a damn cheater. You can give me all the reasoning in the world as to why a person cheats, but you will never make me respect it or say it's okay.

I have experience in this department. I say this because I have been cheated on. I have aided in someone else's cheating (knowingly and unknowingly), and maybe just maybe I've dabbled in a bit of cheating myself. So no I don't consider myself a saint. I just have experience in this department. As a matter of fact I'm on the phone with a co-worker discussing her wayward ex-boyfriend/baby daddy as I type. SMH.

I'm not going to dig too deep into the Tiger Woods/Elin Nordegren/ every other white woman on the planet damn near scandal. I will say this. A man has an ego ten times the size of my ass (which by the way is huge). Money and success merely add to it. God forbid you find many cheap loose women to fawn all over you. If you don't have any kind of guidance or self-control you have just created a relationship ending Molotov cocktail. Ego is a horrible thing.In my not so humble opinion if Tiger is banging this many broads he has an obvious sex addiction.

Sometimes money and power have nothing to do with it. Hell I've been cheated on by jobless guys in their 30's. Now what right do their broke asses feel to step out of line? A lot of them had low self-esteem and needed a woman to make them feel better about their situation. I see that now in hindsight. Monetheless it's still a bitch move. More than likely people cheat simply because they can. All of them can GTFOH!

The first known AIDS case in the United States was found in June of 1981. Just two months before I jumped out the womb. With that little piece of info AIDS and I grew up together (weird to say huh?). I'm aware that everybody can't just be jumpin in my pool. Protective goggles or not!

Now I'm hyper sensitive about my heart and love. I wear my heart on my sleeve and a part of me dies hearing about fall-outs in other people's relationships so this "Big Nose" Swizz Beats/Alicia "Fleas" affair has me a little angrier that normal.

For those who have no clue the Infamous Ruff ryders producer Swizz Beatz (Born Kasseem Dean) has been married to R & B singer, Mashonda (his HS sweetheart might I add) for about three years now. I know that and I'm just a random chick who reads magazines. He has also been dating Ms. Alicia Keys for a lengthy time now as well. We could go into the argument about who is at fault here, but let's make this quick and very "un-messy". Ms. Keys knew good and damn well that man was married. That means he is unavailable to you "boo-boo"! And just because you got long hair and can play a damn piano don't mean he won't cheat on your ass either! What goes around comes around. I believe that came from your mouth in a song perfectly named entitled, "Karma". Not to mention I woke up this morning to you singing "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart" wtf do you know about that? To Mr. Dean...what possessed you to leave your marriage I do not know and I never will as it is truly none of my personal business, but you are downright messy. Your wife and child deserve a hell of a lot better than your selfish ass behavior. Even if your woman was a downright trollop (which in no way has been stated or confirmed) your behavior is not in anyway acceptable. It's called look each other in the face like adults, discuss the issue at hand....and BOUNCE! To Mrs. Dean (as they are still LEGALLY married) I'm praying for you mama, lick your wounds, heal, and get every fucking dime!

When did monogamy become so outdated? Is it impossible? Is it really against human nature like so many people claim? What makes people cheat? What makes them stay? Love to hear you opinions on this.



Hi my name is........

Hey, I'm Valecia. Princess Valecia if you're a loyal subject. Boss lady if you're an employee at the Racine, Wisconsin International House Of Pancakes. I'm also referred to as "V" if you're cool and lucky enough to know me on "that level" *giggles*.

I'm a plethora, a multitude, and a Hodge podge of things if you will. Sarcastic.Cool. Sexy. Smart. Hardworking. Giving. Trustworthy. Blunt. Tactless. Emotional. Mean. Opinionated. Daughter. Lover. Sister. Friend.

And All Around Bad Ass Chick.


I pride myself on the last trait more than any other
I am a manager/waitress by trade, a writer by choice, a lover by chance, and a bitch by circumstance. Everything I write you will NOT agree with, but it will be fun. Guaranteed.

I love......
day trips to Chicago or Milwaukee/Weaves and Wigs/1B-27 Color Combos on the aforementioned wigs and weaves/China Glaze Nail polishes/my boyfriend/MUSIC all day long/some good gossip/ a fine ass man/a healthy meal/ lace boycut shorts/ a nice low cut top/ a fly tight jean/a sick heel/ and a hot glossed lip

I hate......
Liars/Cheaters/Thieves/waiting/catty chicks/broke people/ excuses/low balances/ my extra thick hair/ doing my own hair/chipped nail polish/loud people in public/rudeness/people who don't tip after receiving good service/the pain of getting my eyebrows threaded/small penises/gyros/sweating out a new do.....(unless *wink*)/and being followed around beauty supply stores

This is my home of Non- PC blab. I will spew my thoughts about whatever the hell I want and I can't wait to hear from you all about it.....this will be fun! I hope.


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