Monday, December 28, 2009

I resolve.....

Everyone makes New Years' resolutions....ok not everyone, but a lot of people. I have time and time again. Resolutions that I knew I couldn't keep before the words completely came out of my damn mouth. I said shit that sounded appropriate. As a fat girl everyone assumes that my first resolution should be to lose weight. So that's what I would say. I didn't necessarily NOT want to lose weight, but I made it sound like an absolute priority because other assholes felt as if it should be. I have many other issues in my life.

2010 New Years' Resolutions

I resolve to.....
1) Take better care of myself
a) More fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and water. Less red meat, pork, sugar, salt, fat, and fast food
b)More exercise
c) more sleep

2) Learn to LOVE ACCORDINGLY! The good Christian trait of loving unconditionally is great, but...... I tend to love unabashedly, unconditionally, wholeheartedly, and with complete reckless abandon. I tend to be left holding the hurt box of feelings when friendships and other relationships fall to pieces. Not anymore. Love those with the same intensity of love you are given...I know it sounds crazy and almost impossible, but I'm 28. No need starting a new decade with hurt feelings again.

3)Become better with my finances
a)Come up with new, legal ways to make extra cash
b)Save more money and minimize unnecessary spending

4) Up The Presentation
I used to be really into my "look". I always felt as a plus size chick my presentation required a little more work. As the public already took points away upon meeting strictly on my weight. I used to be all about the flyness EVERY damn day. Flawless make-up, hair, shoes, and gear were mandatory. Now I have become.....lazy. I don't know if it's the idea of being in a relationship that makes me get fashion complacent or what, but I gotta step my game up. A few pairs a shoes, some nice tops, and a few hot pieces should set me back on track. Either way "It's all about presentation".

5) Get out more....
In the last say.....three years my job has become my life. OMG How did I let my life be ruled by pancakes I do not know, but it must change. I never go anywhere anymore. I must fix this immediately before I become...the old secluded cat lady.

I think that should be enough to keep me occupied the entire decade let alone 2010! I was thinking about adding "stop being a colossal bitch" on the list, but that's one of my fave characteristics. I wouldn't be me without it.

So what are YOUR Resolutions?


  1. So, I am going to feed off your goals and try to also be a little more put together when I got out. Not that I am looking like a hot mess, but got to get out of these jeans and tee shirts all the time!

  2. 1) Work on my finances
    2) Lose 30 lbs
    3) Successfully complete the police academy
    4) Begin have 3-4 completely raw days a week
    6) Stop letting people take advantage of my kindness.
    7) Start praying and getting in the word on a daily basis
    8) Learn to just be happy with where I am in in life right now.



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