Friday, December 18, 2009

I guess everyone can take a dip in the pool...

My mother's favorite line (as far as I can remember) is "I can't stand a liar and a thief". I think I inherited that belief. I have great disdain for both, but there is one more type of person I hate. I can't stand a damn cheater. You can give me all the reasoning in the world as to why a person cheats, but you will never make me respect it or say it's okay.

I have experience in this department. I say this because I have been cheated on. I have aided in someone else's cheating (knowingly and unknowingly), and maybe just maybe I've dabbled in a bit of cheating myself. So no I don't consider myself a saint. I just have experience in this department. As a matter of fact I'm on the phone with a co-worker discussing her wayward ex-boyfriend/baby daddy as I type. SMH.

I'm not going to dig too deep into the Tiger Woods/Elin Nordegren/ every other white woman on the planet damn near scandal. I will say this. A man has an ego ten times the size of my ass (which by the way is huge). Money and success merely add to it. God forbid you find many cheap loose women to fawn all over you. If you don't have any kind of guidance or self-control you have just created a relationship ending Molotov cocktail. Ego is a horrible thing.In my not so humble opinion if Tiger is banging this many broads he has an obvious sex addiction.

Sometimes money and power have nothing to do with it. Hell I've been cheated on by jobless guys in their 30's. Now what right do their broke asses feel to step out of line? A lot of them had low self-esteem and needed a woman to make them feel better about their situation. I see that now in hindsight. Monetheless it's still a bitch move. More than likely people cheat simply because they can. All of them can GTFOH!

The first known AIDS case in the United States was found in June of 1981. Just two months before I jumped out the womb. With that little piece of info AIDS and I grew up together (weird to say huh?). I'm aware that everybody can't just be jumpin in my pool. Protective goggles or not!

Now I'm hyper sensitive about my heart and love. I wear my heart on my sleeve and a part of me dies hearing about fall-outs in other people's relationships so this "Big Nose" Swizz Beats/Alicia "Fleas" affair has me a little angrier that normal.

For those who have no clue the Infamous Ruff ryders producer Swizz Beatz (Born Kasseem Dean) has been married to R & B singer, Mashonda (his HS sweetheart might I add) for about three years now. I know that and I'm just a random chick who reads magazines. He has also been dating Ms. Alicia Keys for a lengthy time now as well. We could go into the argument about who is at fault here, but let's make this quick and very "un-messy". Ms. Keys knew good and damn well that man was married. That means he is unavailable to you "boo-boo"! And just because you got long hair and can play a damn piano don't mean he won't cheat on your ass either! What goes around comes around. I believe that came from your mouth in a song perfectly named entitled, "Karma". Not to mention I woke up this morning to you singing "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart" wtf do you know about that? To Mr. Dean...what possessed you to leave your marriage I do not know and I never will as it is truly none of my personal business, but you are downright messy. Your wife and child deserve a hell of a lot better than your selfish ass behavior. Even if your woman was a downright trollop (which in no way has been stated or confirmed) your behavior is not in anyway acceptable. It's called look each other in the face like adults, discuss the issue at hand....and BOUNCE! To Mrs. Dean (as they are still LEGALLY married) I'm praying for you mama, lick your wounds, heal, and get every fucking dime!

When did monogamy become so outdated? Is it impossible? Is it really against human nature like so many people claim? What makes people cheat? What makes them stay? Love to hear you opinions on this.




  1. the whole Mashonda Swizz beatz thing is sad, dang i think they even had it out on twitter, Mashonda even called her out. Its sad when its celebs & their partners arent celebs so the public doesnt hear their cry like what Julia Roberts also did. so sad. (sigh) but I wish all partied happy futures

  2. did u notice #14 & none of them are black, huh Mr Woods??

  3. I have this theory that no one is invincible from whoredom and money makes it worse! smh this is why I trust no one but God. Trust man as if your eyes are closed..for real



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