Friday, December 18, 2009

Hi my name is........

Hey, I'm Valecia. Princess Valecia if you're a loyal subject. Boss lady if you're an employee at the Racine, Wisconsin International House Of Pancakes. I'm also referred to as "V" if you're cool and lucky enough to know me on "that level" *giggles*.

I'm a plethora, a multitude, and a Hodge podge of things if you will. Sarcastic.Cool. Sexy. Smart. Hardworking. Giving. Trustworthy. Blunt. Tactless. Emotional. Mean. Opinionated. Daughter. Lover. Sister. Friend.

And All Around Bad Ass Chick.


I pride myself on the last trait more than any other
I am a manager/waitress by trade, a writer by choice, a lover by chance, and a bitch by circumstance. Everything I write you will NOT agree with, but it will be fun. Guaranteed.

I love......
day trips to Chicago or Milwaukee/Weaves and Wigs/1B-27 Color Combos on the aforementioned wigs and weaves/China Glaze Nail polishes/my boyfriend/MUSIC all day long/some good gossip/ a fine ass man/a healthy meal/ lace boycut shorts/ a nice low cut top/ a fly tight jean/a sick heel/ and a hot glossed lip

I hate......
Liars/Cheaters/Thieves/waiting/catty chicks/broke people/ excuses/low balances/ my extra thick hair/ doing my own hair/chipped nail polish/loud people in public/rudeness/people who don't tip after receiving good service/the pain of getting my eyebrows threaded/small penises/gyros/sweating out a new do.....(unless *wink*)/and being followed around beauty supply stores

This is my home of Non- PC blab. I will spew my thoughts about whatever the hell I want and I can't wait to hear from you all about it.....this will be fun! I hope.

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  1. lol @ being followed around beauty supply stores. it makes me wanna turn around and knock a mf'er dead in his mouth. do they really think i'm bout to steal a whole box of perm?



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