Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who gon' check me boo?

No I do not claim to be the baddest bitch this side of Southeastern Wisconsin. I hate to sound immature and tacky in these next couple of lines, but I will be honest. I have respect for everyone. When someone disrespects me or crosses the line we have a problem. I am 28 years old so I do know how to control myself, but I will fuck a bitch up! I am scared of no one so.....where the hell did they find these season four Bad Girls Club bitches from? And what makes these chicks bad girls? If you've been faithfully watching episodes like some people I know you have all the info. I however was pulled into the trash last night out of boredom.

So does self-proclaiming that you "run Los Angeles", talking all the damn time, and having a face similar to the beloved Mr. Ed make you a bad girl?

Thinking I'm joking?? You be the Judge...

I whopped the asses of girls tougher than her back in 86' on the Schulte Elementary School playground.


What's so bad ass about letting another bitch get away with hitting you in the face??? And not only letting her live to tell about it, but letting her continue to stay in the house? And becoming her friend? Where they do that at? Shall we rehash the memory??? I think we shall....

As much as this show repulses me I do have some fave points. I absolutely LOVE Florina

She's just bomb ass, real,and minus the bisexual thing a lot like me.

And I'm full of excitement to see Natalie "hopefully" get her head caved in on Tuesday's episode.

Hmm.... hopefully. Wondering why I didn't comment on the other three girls? Because they are truly that unimportant. So I guess the question really is.....Whose Bad?

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