Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Tasia,

Dear Fantasia, 

      Every since you won Idol I have been on your team. I'll admit I didn't watch a damn ounce of it that season, but I watched the finale hoping the black girl with "the extra black features that danced in heels" would win. And lo and behold you did. I was sooo happy for you. You gave faith to all us not-so-cute quirky looking sisters all over the world. And that final winners' rendition of "When You Believe" left me crying the rest of the evening. You were more than the were kinda...I don't me. Like the kinda girl I would call my friend . And that's why miss mama...we need to talk..SERIOUSLY!!!!

  From one pseudo friend to another pseudo friend, artist to fan, or sister girl to sister girl this bangin' other people's husbands' mess is NOT a good look. Hearing about this drama riled me up like bad weave bunched up at the nape. Don't be fooled mama men don't cheat because the woman they are with is not offering something they should. They cheat simply because they do and can. And if a woman such as yourself is willing to lower her standards and give up nana to a man why would he not take it?? Is the world on your case?? Hmm...maybe. Is it unfair? Hell no. Some people may argue and say this man is solely at fault because it was his marriage, but I say it's always the fault of "the other woman". If women weren't willing to be the extra person there wouldn't be anyone to cheat with and at the end of the day all his bogus ass could do is go home to his wife. Just like he is supposed to. There aren't certain kind of women that are worth cheating on and others that are not. If he loved her enough to marry her and he cheated on her please believe your ass is next. He will do it again.....not today, tomorrow, or even next year, but......eventually. 

This is a mistake, but not a catastrophe. This is nothing to end your life over. What takes more guts is walking away from the drama and living a life of higher standards. Better yet kill him lol. (just kidding). This is your moment to show the world what a real good woman would do. The world doesn't hate you. But there are plenty of women in the world (namely fans of you) who have been cheated on before and we are not feeling your pain. And don't ask us to. We still got love for you we're just not agreeance with your behaviors. We still love you Tasia. Remember......anything is possible when you believe.


Friday, August 27, 2010

I am a rock....I am an island

You hear it on the streets, in songs, and it's your favorite rappers favorite line. It is the stuff 99.9% of the content of the songs on 106th and Park are made of. They all love to talk about keeping it real. Their swagger comes in second. People who "keep it real" feel the need to discuss to the world that they do. They wear it loudly and proudly like a badge of honor. They find one thousand different ways to say it, (i.e "I keeps it one hunnid" or my personal favorite term "trill") but yet and still find some difficulty living it. 

Hey it's okay we're all working through something. I just never thought that the one of the many things I was taught to uphold would be looked at as a difficult trait to have. What is the world's issue with honesty? I refuse to crown myself with undeserved saint-dom and say that I have never lied. If my life is at stake...ummm yeah! As a child if a pending ass whooping was on the table??? Of course. In awkward situations where I'm trying to shake off a clingy guy?? Damn right! The one thing I do however refuse to lie about is....the woman I am. My life, My struggles, my "profession", my looks, my loves, my belongings, my morals, my high points, my low points, my triumphs, and my mistakes. 

Too many girls in my city spend their days on facebook letting the world know about their new this or new that (which aint true), arguing over men that half the female population in the city limits underage sixty have had and professing to be the realest bitch this side of the Mississippi. BTW You can't tweet that you're at the Trey Songz concert from your living room (it tells me you're tweeting from a computer lame). 

Many women are comfortable swimming in groups in the treacherous waters of lies, denial, envy, and deceit. I however prefer to sunbathe on the quiet sands of real bitch island. Where there aren't a lot of us, but we prefer quality over quantity. And most importantly where we know "keeping it real" with yourself makes it easy to keep it real with others. 

Where is this "real bitch" island you ask?? Where ever honest, intelligent, upfront, outspoken, opinionated, bold, brash women reside. I can't take any credit for this brilliant ass term. The first time I heard of real bitch island it came from one of my favorite bloggers/tweeters Ms. Brook lynne Carter  She is effin' brilliant, beautiful and no holds barred. By all means check her out. In a land of internet stars who are generally nobody 9 to 5- ers why do you feel a need to lie about who and what you are? Who are you impressing? Some person you will NEVER meet? God forbid you do. Just think how disappointed they will be when fallacy gets demolished by reality. 

How unfortunate to be caught in the sea in a storm you created yourself. When if you simply swam to land you have your very own island.....that is if you're dare I say.....REAL. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm very aware that I have been missing for awhile. Things have been slightly weird around these parts. My PC is acting screwy. My 4 month old USED car is for sure on it's way to the upper room and I was in the process of packing up my home for the move to Chi-city and then BAM!!! It was all turned around. I wont go into detail, but I will say bullshit is bullshyt and I refuse to let another person steal my joy. So I'm figuring things out in Racine, looking for a second job, and trying to take my relationships slowly. My train of thought is changing a bit with age. Not by much, but I have learned how to fight my battles differently. I realize that sometimes the best knock out blow is to....not say a damn word..and simply walk away. And that's what I've been doing with a lot of life situations. I like it. It releases my mind for more important things. It promotes more smiles and less frowns. Needless to say, I am soooo okay with that. 

Outside of that when I looked around my tiny dwelling and realized I would be calling this place home for longer than I would like I decided it will no longer do. So I am looking for a place to call home with a little more space, and a little less neighborhood chaos. Actually a two bedroom would be really nice. Or a super huge one bedroom loft. We'll see. Who knows?? I just know these digs will no longer suffice. Outside of that I was spending my days and nights reviewing Bobbi Boss Indi Remi hair in Ocean Wave on youtube. LOL Yes I admit it. I watched every video at least four times before spending my hard earned money. And??? I love it.  Maybe I'll take pics when I  have a bit of time. Right now..uhhh..LOL I don't. Hopefully this is the beginning of my life becoming a tad bit more...normal. With that so will my blogging. Love you and miss ya all.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

*singing* Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeee

So's my birthday!!!!! 29 years ago my mom pushed out a lil chocolate big headed girl that caused so much delivery room chaos she promised God she would never have another child. (Needless to say I am her first and ONLY child). These years have been a ride. Not a flat plain and not a constant steep hill, but a little bit of everything. I am so glad God gave me this life. Not life, but this life in particular. No one else could take such mundane existence and make it as extraordinary as I have. Though I complain this is the life I was meant to other. And I am thankful for each day of it and each breath of it and each day I wake. None other. So enough with the talking on to the festivities........

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

With age......

So tomorrow (if I live to see it) I will be 29 years old!!! The normal statement I hear is....."with age comes wisdom", but does it really? I find myself in the same situations I did at 21 sometimes. Sometimes even doing the same things and insanely expecting a different outcome. Dummy I am not, but the wisest thing I could ever tell someone to do is "let your heart handle the biggest problems" and yes that isn't always the best idea, but when I take that route I never ever regret it. Even when the outcome isn't to my liking. In this almost twenty nine years of life I have learned that living is loving if you haven't loved you have far from lived. So maybe that's it. Maybe that's my one little kernel of wisdom so maybe just maybe wisdom does come with age. And maybe just maybe I have a tid bit of it. I only hope God allows me to keep living to gain just a little bit more.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sade - King Of Sorrow

This song feels very appropriate right now.......

I'm crying everyone's tears........


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