Wednesday, August 18, 2010

With age......

So tomorrow (if I live to see it) I will be 29 years old!!! The normal statement I hear is....."with age comes wisdom", but does it really? I find myself in the same situations I did at 21 sometimes. Sometimes even doing the same things and insanely expecting a different outcome. Dummy I am not, but the wisest thing I could ever tell someone to do is "let your heart handle the biggest problems" and yes that isn't always the best idea, but when I take that route I never ever regret it. Even when the outcome isn't to my liking. In this almost twenty nine years of life I have learned that living is loving if you haven't loved you have far from lived. So maybe that's it. Maybe that's my one little kernel of wisdom so maybe just maybe wisdom does come with age. And maybe just maybe I have a tid bit of it. I only hope God allows me to keep living to gain just a little bit more.

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