Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Tasia,

Dear Fantasia, 

      Every since you won Idol I have been on your team. I'll admit I didn't watch a damn ounce of it that season, but I watched the finale hoping the black girl with "the extra black features that danced in heels" would win. And lo and behold you did. I was sooo happy for you. You gave faith to all us not-so-cute quirky looking sisters all over the world. And that final winners' rendition of "When You Believe" left me crying the rest of the evening. You were more than the were kinda...I don't me. Like the kinda girl I would call my friend . And that's why miss mama...we need to talk..SERIOUSLY!!!!

  From one pseudo friend to another pseudo friend, artist to fan, or sister girl to sister girl this bangin' other people's husbands' mess is NOT a good look. Hearing about this drama riled me up like bad weave bunched up at the nape. Don't be fooled mama men don't cheat because the woman they are with is not offering something they should. They cheat simply because they do and can. And if a woman such as yourself is willing to lower her standards and give up nana to a man why would he not take it?? Is the world on your case?? Hmm...maybe. Is it unfair? Hell no. Some people may argue and say this man is solely at fault because it was his marriage, but I say it's always the fault of "the other woman". If women weren't willing to be the extra person there wouldn't be anyone to cheat with and at the end of the day all his bogus ass could do is go home to his wife. Just like he is supposed to. There aren't certain kind of women that are worth cheating on and others that are not. If he loved her enough to marry her and he cheated on her please believe your ass is next. He will do it again.....not today, tomorrow, or even next year, but......eventually. 

This is a mistake, but not a catastrophe. This is nothing to end your life over. What takes more guts is walking away from the drama and living a life of higher standards. Better yet kill him lol. (just kidding). This is your moment to show the world what a real good woman would do. The world doesn't hate you. But there are plenty of women in the world (namely fans of you) who have been cheated on before and we are not feeling your pain. And don't ask us to. We still got love for you we're just not agreeance with your behaviors. We still love you Tasia. Remember......anything is possible when you believe.


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