Thursday, February 18, 2010

TAG Come on get happy!

I'm ridiculously late at damn near everything I do. Sorry procrastination is my middle name. I was tagged Saturday by the lovely Jacquelyn at Fab20Diva!

Post 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, link back to the person who awarded you, and pass along to up to 10 people

1. Payday (anytime I have money in my hands is a very, very good day and seeing that I'm a waitress that's pretty common)
2.Spending time with my boyfriend. It's not common at all so I cherish those moments. I even try to minimize my gripes during the cuddle time he puts the biggest smile on my face.
3. Makeup and lately it doesn't have to be MAC it just has to look great on me I can play with makeup all day. And honestly I have.
4. Blogging I love this I wish I could get paid for it, but I do it faithfully and don't soo.... that's fine by me too! It helps me get my thoughts out. I absolutely adore it!
5. My family and co-workers they mean the world to me and I'd be fully prepared to put my boxing gloves on for them!
6. My job. I am a PT manager/FT waitress and I love coming to work. I never dread going in and I have been doing it for 5 amazing years!
7. Twitter. I can and will tweet all damn day. While I work. In the middle of the night when I go to the potty. (TMI) While at the Club. Anywhere.
8. Hair. Human Hair. Yaky. Milkyway. 1b. Preferred.
Thankyouverymuch. LOL.
9. Photography. Some think I'm some wanna be amateur plus-size model. Nope. Just love to take pictures. All the time. Been that way All my life. Go Figure. *Kanye shrug*
10. Shopping. Love a great outfit, but there is nothing better when a complete look comes together.

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  1. Awesome!! Blogging and being on Twitter makes me happy and it helps me ease my bad days.



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