Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A very late Valentine's Day recap!

True to my blog entry I proclaimed the 11th-14th to be "love yourself weekend". My mom bought me some amazing Godiva chocolates which lasted about a half hour when I walked in my job with it. The rest of my gifts were a combination of love from myself and a little love from others.

P.S. I've been loving pink long before Nicky Minaj first said harajuku so don't assume that's why I like it.

Yes I know that's a lotta pink. I had a ho-hum day and it wasn't all I hoped it to be. didn't suck!


  1. Pink is my fave color! Eff Nicki! Blah! Wanna be Barbie! lol

  2. I love all the Pink (and I was loving it LOOOOOOng before Miss Niki too)your nails are Hot!!



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