Monday, February 15, 2010

a change gon' come

My life has gotten stale. Yes stale. Like chips in a bag left opened. Or bread you leave on the counter too long. Not so much my life, but my look. I've grown increasingly lax with my high quality God given hotness. It's cooled down considerably. And I have to do something about it. IMMEDIATELY
I used to be very much a "I need to go to MAC a minimum of once a month or my life might end" kinda gal. That just kinda died with the recession. I also used to be a "I have 1500 wigs and you don't know which woman you might wake up to" kinda gal. Not anymore.....I actually bore the hell outta myself now. So I'm contemplating a new Valecia. Hell I'm almost 30 and I need my hotness to carry over in a way that dynamic, and Rhianna but no mohawks and wearable. I don't know what happened. Maybe it was being in a relationship and waking up to someone seeing me in my scarf and makeup free that made me think slouchiness was acceptable...well back on game looks will be coming soon.


  1. Sometimes I get "lazy" and do just what you're describing. IMO its natural. Something must be troubling you (sounding like Miss Cleo) and weighing you down. Whatever is heavy on your heart will pass.
    Still today, I get my moments when I look in the mirror and ask myself, "Who are you, what are you doing, how are you looking, and what the hell do you want."

  2. Vee! GET YO ISH TOGETHER LADY!!! :-P We all have those moments, and yes we do get way lax when a guy sees us first thing in the morning. I'm ready to reinvent myself as well. Let's do it!

  3. I know that feeling and when it happens I make shit happen.
    Im excited to see some new looks...



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