Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ain't nothing wrong with some self-love.....

Disclaimer: If you're thinking dirty thoughts congrats you're a perv! And for that reason alone I love you and you are my friend, however that is not what this entry is about so......get your mind out of the gutter! Go ahead......I'll wait.

So Valentine's Day is upon us. The day where lovers express their love in grand gestures such as airplanes making messages through the sky, marriage proposals, a rose covered pathway to ecstasy, a shared bubble bath, or just loving quiet time alone. As I type this I become repulsed. Not that these things make me sick. Actually repulsed is the wrong word. The term I'm looking for is "filled and overwhelmed with complete jealousy" ...yep that sounds about right.

Valentines Day has always been my unlucky spot. Back in high school when guys sent girls flowers I would get one, from a guy friend who thought I was a sweet girl and felt sorry for me. Guys loved me they thought I was the coolest female friend EVER! I liked guy stuff and to top it off I had a nice rack, but I just wasn't relationship material. I even had a little motto:
"Valecia A. Price Every guy's girl, but no man's woman"

My dating life did not take off until age eighteen. I moved away to Mississippi for college and suddenly the self-proclaimed fat, black girl was HOT!!! Me being new to relationships I came home at the end of the school year engaged. Yes engaged. Now even with a fiance in tow I got not a damn thang for V-day. We both were college kids working at Burger King. Our romance that night on our shift included taking a break together...and splitting a Double Whopper w/ bacon and cheese value meal!

Even with the almost five years I dated Master Manipulator we were so on again off again that we only had one valentines day together and that was a total bust! So now with E.B (Estranged Boyfriend for those who may have forgotten) I have taken on the attitude of a contestant on For the Love of Ray J. I want to win in the end, but I just don't expect much. I want the candlelit dinners, presents of jewelry, and big gaudy flourishing expressions of love. Call me corny, but I crave that. It just NEVER happens!

I'm proclaiming February 11th-14th as love your damn self weekend. I'm going to get my eyebrows done, kill some stray hairs, buy some new hair, a new outfit, do my nails, ya know just do something special for me. It feels as if I've been waiting for so long for someone to love me like I want, need and deserve. Maybe it's best that I do it myself. I guess "set the standard" if you will.

"You can't love nobody until you love you, so when you do love somebody you know what to do" Murphy Lee "Love you baby"


  1. Agreed on Saturday I am going to post my 14 things to do on Valentine's Day when you dont have a valentine. Come through!

  2. Great post! I agree with you loving yourself first. For some people its a challenge so they accept what handed to them. Somewhere it's in the corner if the the main issue in every woman today...acceptance.

    You have a great mind to want and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Guys can call it what they want but honey we have to want and expect with a little less "acceptance."

    We want our SO to take us for who we are and they should be given that right...with that being said, if this person is not giving you the best you want get the best...which is what you deserve. Its just that simple.

    I'm glad you're doing something for you. A lot of women wouldn't especially if that accept whatever from whomever. Start with you...then you know the rest. ♥

    Oh and BTW I got your perv! :2 P

  3. I guess I was a perv too! haha ;o)

    I love this! I'm going to get my brows threaded and ok so yes, I have a BF this year who's flying from Cali to snowy filled Chicago to spend it with me, umm, I'm still going to do something for myself this weekend! Mani/Pedi sounds NICE!

  4. I feel that post. and I think loving yourself is the best Vday EVER! I do it even when I get the big gaudy crap )which I love) ..but I still take time to do me. It feels so damn good and don’t worry ....Vday comes every year and one year you will be enough corny shit to make up for the past 10 :-)
    have a great Valentines Day weekend!!



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