Thursday, September 23, 2010

Throwback Thursday

I am a music freak. Most importantly and R & B freak. I can attach a song to almost every important part of my life. Exes. College. Jobs. Friends. It all is connected to a song. So I thought what better way to go down memory lane than start a new feature simply entitled, "Throwback Thursday". Now this isn't the 106th and Park tacky ass Throwback Thursday. This just a time to reflect on some of the best music and times of my life with my followers. Well the first TT goes to one of my faves RL (from the 90's R & B group NEXT). I recently just started following his very sexy arse on twitter and it reminded me how great his music was. That lead me to pick this video. 

June 1, 2002 I moved into my very first apartment. I lived in a third floor studio in old historic set of gorgeous apartments. I felt so....confident. Between my car, new apartment, pending junior year of college, and full-time job I felt unstoppable against the world. I still had a lot to learn, but at THAT moment I was on top of the world.  Almost every night that summer I would step out on my fire escape merlot in hand and listen to Midnight Love on BET (if you're old enough you know, if not don't bother). One warm summer night there was a thunderstorm, but I sat out there anyway....I turned around to see this beautiful video and song. 

By the time the video was over my face was mixed with raindrops and teardrops and since I have been in love with him and this song.....Throwback Thursday. RL. Good Man. *sigh* Real Music.

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