Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Countdown to 30.......

So I have discussed it many times before. Just last month I celebrated my 29th birthday. The great years of careless twenties are almost behind me. As my thirties loom around the corner in just a mere:

  • 332 days
  • 10 months, 29 days
  • 47 weeks (rounded down)
  • 7968 hours
  • 478,080 minutes
  • 28,684,800 seconds
Yes I went into THAT much detail to discuss my fear of the looming three oh. I've come to the conclusion lately that with such an exciting and scary milestone coming I need to re-evaluate my princess-like ways. When thirty comes knocking I don't want to look anything like it. So it's time adjust my health. Time for healthy hair, skin, body, positive vibes, and just an all-around better view of things....So welcome to my new feature "The Countdown". As I strive to use this section to discuss my fears, emotions, and changes and I head toward a new stage of life. Because contrary to what Jay-Z said thirty is NOT the new twenty. Thirty is the same old damn thirty.

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