Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 2

The meaning behind your Blog name

Last year at work something went chaotic (as it always does in a restaurant). With me being the server with the longest amount of time logged in on staff (five years) I came up with a solution. I believe it was my co-worker Kristen that said, "Damn V you have the solution to everything you can fix everything around here like a Black Wonder Woman". My response was, "Except my name is Chocolate Girl Wonder". Honestly that's how it all came about. A few months later I decided to start this blog. It seemed only fitting that that would be the initial title. BTW This thick sexy vixen to the right is my chocolate girl wonder doll created by my talented friend Chris. 

The rest of the title is self explanatory. I truly discuss my life and opinions on this page. Oh, and the part about being the Midwest's favorite chocolate fat girl??? Well I am. Any one that is interested in fighting me for the title??? Bring it on. Until then it stands as is...uncontested. LOL. 

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