Friday, September 17, 2010

I mean really......

I know I'm kinda late on this, but hell this is my blog and please believe in this part of the galaxy no matter how late my opinion counts. Okay maybe I'm not fashion forward enough. Or maybe it's that Lady Gaga annoys the effin daylights out of me. Ugh. Like seriously just irritating. She's the girl in high school I would have attempted to trip going up the stairs simply because. Or I would have thrown gum in one of her many outrageous wigs. SMH. But uhhh a meat dress with matching shoes!!! Boo what the eff are you on?! I can't imagine that laying against my skin all cold and raw and shhhhhh.....YUCK!!!! Yeah you took one for the team on that one (Even though I don't have a clue what team that would be), but honestly I thought long and hard about vegan-ism after looking at this shhhh so so so so unappealing!

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  1. What was she thinking? Apparently she wasn't. i'm a Lady Gaga fan and have done posts about her, but that meat dress made me feel like vomiting. i'm a vegetarian on moral grounds. It's nice that Lady Gaga is open minded with respect to human rights, but she could use some more enlightenment in this area. i hope she goes back to wearing the lingerie fashions that helped bring her to stardom. i'm not surprised at the attempt to shock, but there's shock and then there's just grotesque.



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