Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 24 (sorry for the delay work has been kicking my arse)

A letter to your parents

Dear Mom and Dad, 

      So twenty-nine years after giving birth to your little dark chocolate drop I hope you're as proud as you were that day. I'm fully aware that I was a handful or even two handfuls, but I'm so glad that things worked out exactly the way they did. 


I am so glad that I had the time I did with you. Those six years were the best of my life.  Our family was far from conventional, but a family is what we were nonetheless. I remember when you would dress up like Santa Clause and embarrass the daylights out of me, by giving dollars to all the neighborhood kids. I would cringe. But the kids loved you. So many of them were missing a father in their life. I was lucky and didn't even know it. Now I see what greatness I had. Even in the short six years we were together before God took you away, you showed me how I should be treated, and what kind of man to look for. You will always be the number one man in my life. I love you with all my heart.


We are so much alike, but so different. We annoy each other to no end, but no one on this earth has my back like you. You give unrequested advice. You push your opinions on me. And you're almost always digging off in my business. It boils my blood and I thank you for it everyday. After dad died things got rough. Really rough. But we made it together through it. And we can make it through anything. I remember the year after dad died you left for work one morning headed to work. It was five and you headed out into the dark cold winter to walk across town to work. As soon as you locked the door behind me I came to a scary epiphany. You were all I had left. I put on my winter gloves, scarf, hat, grabbed the meat cleaver and my coat. I followed behind you for five blocks. Keeping a blocks distance. It was solely my job now to protect my mother. And I was going to do it. Suddenly you turned around. In the midst of the snow, dark, and distance you knew it was me. "Valecia I'll be fine now go home and don't be late for the bus", you yelled. Maybe it was just your motherly intuition or just how well we we're in sync with each other. So I turned and ran back home. Small events like that have taken place my entire life. We will always be each others' number one cheerleaders'. Remember when we used to lcok each other out of the house for fun? Or the hiding game? LOL. Thanks for being my best friend. I am forever indebted. You are truly the greatest. 

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