Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 18

Plans/dreams/goals you have

Honestly the plans I had for my life at 19 are far different from those I have now at 29. Now rather than all the grandeur my goals are rooted in a sense of normalcy.

  • Marry the love of my life. I don't need the wedding march, a cathedral of people, or that symbolic (unnecessary) white dress. Just me and the man I love. 
  • A middle class income. Being a part of the working class blows large chunks of hail ice!!!! I work six days a week just to sleep soundly knowing all my bills are paid.
  • Just One baby. I am on a constant day to day battle with my PCOS (which I will discuss in a later blog). A battle that if I don't win will inevitably leave me childless. That's a scary thought. I want a family. Bitch or no bitch I'd be an excellent mother. 
  • Find happiness. Not on the street. In finances. Or even in a man. But right in the mirror. Total. Complete. Never ending happiness. Found right within my own self. 

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