Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weather, NOTW, and other randomness

So as we all know I broke up with my nail salon. Our tumultuous relationship ended when he could no longer produce the quality I so strongly desired....soooooo...I checked out another place. For the most part they did a fairly decent job. But the fact that I was the only chick in the salon minus the people that work there was a little strange to me. "Why yall jiggas ain't got no customers?" I was thinking in my hood girl mind voice. So far I give them a C. Can't quite explain why. They just didn't wow me. And it's a recession honey. For me to open my wallet and give you these hard earned waitress duckets the wow factor better be there. (And yes I did just use the term duckets, lol) So my NOTW (Nail Of The Week) is a color thats been hiding in my cabinet for about a year now. Worn maybe twice *shrugs* but it is the hotness........

China Glaze Tempest
a blue-silverish purple

It's a cute color, but then again not my signature color. I'm still in search and I'm not giving up. I actually wish I could find OPI's "You don't know Jacques" (The Suede Version), but *sigh* alas I think that was just a beautiful game played on me. I think that was Limited Edition. *sad face*

Tomorrow I go sign the paperwork on my new place. So excited I wanna scream. I actually contemplated buying a new outfit to go there in. Don't laugh I didn't. I simply said contemplated. 

If I haven't spoke a lot on it I live in Wisconsin. A nice place to live, but I have one huge complaint. Our weather. It's like sex. There's the nice, sweet, playful kind. The rough kind. And then the straight up rape. At 5:55am I left the house this morning to sixty degree weather and light rain. I didn't complain hell, it felt great. And I absolutely love rain, especially when the droplets were soothing the pain of my braids slightly pulling at my poor scalp. By 6:40 am wind was whipping at my face and I had been caught in a pretty damn hard rainstorm. By the time I left work at 2:00 pm. I t was a very windy, and a cold fifty degrees and a tornado had touched down just a mile from my job. Weather rape. The worst kind. Yet you will be a regular victim if you live in the Dairy state. Fall is tipping it's hat in these parts. And is making room for the dreaded winter. I just hope our move is done before the snow hits *fingers crossed*

I have 1000 blog topics floating in my head. Just have to get my thoughts together be patient with me. *muah*

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