Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family Matters.

I am not family-oriented. It's sad, but it's an honest statement. I don't have an unwavering bond with my family. Not like some. I mean we aren't strangers either, but I see the family bond quite differently from most. "Family is simply friends God picked for you", is what I would normally say. And honestly I truly believe it. The closest bond I have is with my mother. A relationship that with time has become strained and stretched to it's maximum. We are both stubborn, and headstrong and though we both love each other we can not and will not ever see eye to eye. It is what it is. I don't even know if I want to change it. I'm happy living this life semi-secluded. The older I get the bigger the wedge is in our relationship. My mother has changed. Drastically and not for the better. Don't get it twisted. She doesn't have a chemical dependency or anything. I just really, really dislike the person she has become. And rather than boost her show's ratings by sticking around and watching. I rather turn the TV off and let that shit get canceled. Soooo..... does that make ME a bad person?


  1. It doesn't me and my Mama have the same type of relationship and everyone always acts like its such a big thing to not be very close to your mother, but the way I look at it better my sanity than her constant drama. As long as you respect her as your mother, that's about all you're required to do.

  2. ive come to learn for your sanity sometimes there has to be a distance between what is supposed to be and what is.



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