Thursday, October 14, 2010

Throwback Thursday

In high school I was the token fat girl. Cute, funny and somewhat.....mean. But I had a fashion sense like none other. I rocked the grunge look. The B-girl look. The Diva look. I looked damn good everyday. The flyest fat girl J.I.Case High had seen. But ya know what?? I didn't have a lick of self-confidence. I had some girls in my clique that were lighter than me and quite questionable in attractiveness. Guys loved them. Fat, skinny, homely, smart, dumb as rocks, etc. I assumed it was because I was a dark girl. A black ass girl to be exact. It put a dent in my already low self-esteem. And then....foxy brown came out.

She was pretty, chocolate, sexy and just two years older than me. And every word that dripped off the "Ill Na Na" album were my freshman through sophomore. Something about that album made me walk taller, strut a little more and feel a little better about my dark chocolate self. The one that put the biggest sway in my step was.....

"Love thyself put no one above thee 'cuz ain't no body gon' love me like me"

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