Thursday, October 28, 2010

Confessions of a bitter Bitch: Should fatties get a room??? My response to the Marie Claire article

Disclaimer: I am not all that fashion forward. I purchase magazines that represent women like me. Like me meaning: African-American, young, working-class, and plus-sized. In my humble opinion Marie Claire doesn't represent the woman I am....therefore I don't purchase it. I do however feel a need to respond to what I consider is an attack on my person and persons like myself. I am aware everyone has an opinion, but that seems pretty effed up and hurtful. So I have no choice, but to respond. 

First and foremost if you have no clue what I'm talking about please read this first. 

First I'm not sure who irritates me more in this situation. CBS for making this show, Mike and Molly which isn't a look into the romance of an overweight couple, but merely a vaguely veiled excuse to make fun of plus-sized people. Or Ms. Maura Kelly who simply described the overweight population as lazy asses who have put forth absolutely no effort to change their lifestyles. Or should I be mad at Marie Claire for printing this BS for the world to see? Eff it. I'm mad at all three. So let me break it down into sections. 


It would be one thing if you chose to make this a romantic drama or something worth watching, but a couple that meets at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting??? ummm seriously?? Filled with fat jokes??? are you serious?? Maybe ideas like this is the reason why I stopped watching CBS in like......the late eighties. This is a complete fail on your part. 97.1 Million people in the United States Of America are overweight. I'm sure out of that large number of people you are poking fun at one is at the very least the son, daughter, mother or father of someone on that set. Hell we know there is at least two overweight characters on set already. The two who chose to take the leading roles *rolls eyes* and I can't possibly begin to imagine what they were thinking. Well CBS I'm disappointed with you, but then again I don't really expect that much from you anyway. I'm not quite sure why I even acknowledged you. This either won't make it to the lineup or will be off the air quicker than you can say Walker Texas Ranger.

Ms. Maura Kelly

I'm confused as to why I even found this on your blog. From the side excerpt explaining it this blog was made solely for you to catalog your search for love. It also read that you are in your thirties and have never been in love. Hmmm I wonder why??? What does berating people have to do with you finding someone?? My fat ass has never had to catalog my lack of love life and datelessness. Wanna know why??? Because that has never been the case for me. I've always been wanted. Even if it was the wrong damn guy. I never searched for love. It came to me because I am a good, uplifting, positive kind hearted person. I care about the feelings of others and respect people's differences. Whether I weighed 185 or 265. There is some young beautiful plus size teenager who read those words and you could have very well crippled her self-esteem. I think what really rubbed you the wrong way was seeing two fat people kissing and in love. While you watched the episode while picking at a salad with no dressing, doing tricep dips on a chair and squats during commercials......ALONE. I understand health is important, but open your eyes. Everyone is supposed to be different. No one has to meet your requirements. And if I must say so myself I may be fat, but I look a hell of a lot better than you. According to all the comments left for you on your blog I'm sure the hurtful things said to you stung, but not as much as what you wrote. Maybe before you turn forty you'll get it right until then....I'll just pray for you. 

Marie Claire

If you are looking for new and exciting ways to ruin your readership keep Maura Kelly around, but if you want to tap into the wide market of overweight women and our hard earned dollars you need a new approach. Shame on you for giving such a bigoted woman an outlet to spew her BS. 

*steps down off her soapbox* So readers tell me what you think of her. Do you agree with her? I do understand everyone has an opinion I am just really turned off by her use of words. 


  1. This is so many shades of wrong! I feel everything you said was accurate and correct. Here's my main issue with her blog. There are too many young girls out there struggling with self esteem issues that read Marie Claire. I am a self professed magazine junkie and like you I subscribe to and read only those that I can relate to. These young girls are "relating" to this nonsense! This is BS! What I heard, "it's nasty to see obese people showing affection and if you're obese you must not give a damn about yourself."

    Like you I've never had a problem getting a man and as a matter of fact my honey got with me at my heaviest weight..275! He loved me then and he loves me now 100 pounds lighter. I wouldn't use Marie Claire to start a fire with so they don't have to worry about me even picking up their magazine!

  2. I resoundingly echo your sentiments, on all three! The MC author's piece was an absolute sizist mess. And for the show, 'Mike and Molly' itself ... I elected not to watch it, as every promotion/preview I saw for it - was laced with fat jokes. Corny and predictable ones at that. Great post!

  3. I have never fully watched the show so I can't comment on that. I do believe that there should be shows and actors of all sizes, races, sexual preferences, etc. on the screen. I do feel that Marie Claire and the author are in the wrong. The article was rude and should not have been printed. If you don't like PDA that is fine, but PDA based on size is just wrong. I would never buy this magazine due to articles like this. Thanks for the update on how they think. )

  4. Ladies and gentlemen lets speak out! Sing this petition, to hold Marie Claire responsible for Maura Kelly's hateful remarks in her article The backlash of comments she received in response to her comments shows the public is highly upset at the lack of compassion and respect she has for her readers. My petition is to enforce that major publications regulate the content they allow to represent their name. Readers have voiced, comments "I wanted to kill myself MANY times because of people like the skank who wrote that blog!!!". Obviously change needs to happen. Please help support my cause.



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