Monday, June 28, 2010

I got a crush on......

My style is pretty eclectic. It fits all parts of my life. The clothes I like. My personality traits. The music I dig. It's all one big hodge podge. Including the men I find sexy so just to give you an idea of what I deem attractive here's just a few of my crushes....I will update as I find more attractive men..... LOL

Top Row: (L to R) Usher Raymond, Jon Stewart, Trey Songz
Middle Row: (L to R) Justin Timberlake, Maxwell, T.I
Bottom Row: (L to R) Anderson Cooper, Robin Thicke, Steven Colbert

By the way I am more than aware that Anderson Cooper doesn't like my gender, but I find him attractive regardless. Maybe it's the white hair, the journalistic integrity, or just plain cuteness, but he does something for me. 
All of them do something for me in a different way. May it be humor, intellect, maturity, manly ruggedness, style, class, southern charm, or just a good ol' petty lickable six pack. 

Who rubs you the right way???

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