Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ok I'm obviously NOT married, or in the market to be, but the stress, hurt, and issues keep piling up...and what the hell am I going to do you ask?? What all weak women do when pinned up against the wall. I'm running away. Figuratively and literally. Just a period in time where I can get my mind right. And rekindle love with my first boo, my damn self. I'm really thinking about putting all my stuff in storage, and leaving for six months just to......breathe. Moments like these I'm so glad I don't have kids... because A) Their mama is in a fucked up place thought-wise right now and B) We all know fucked up mama's lead to fucked up kids. So I think I saved a generation..personally. But even the idea of running away is done quite methodically so I won't be going anywhere immediately but when I go you will know........it's time for the stress to end and the adventures to begin. And hopefully when I decide to pick up the pieces that are my normal life again the pieces will fit perfectly and there won't be any jagged pieced left to hurt me....maybe. Or maybe I will just deal with things better. But yes before I have a nervous breakdown I would much rather hit the road. And I hope you all come along for the trip. <3

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