Thursday, May 20, 2010

Excuse me while I spaz out: Keepin' it Real aka I keeps it 100

I blame this bogus term partly on the hip-hop community. If I hear someone say keep it real one more time my head might cave in. The fact of the matter is the people who scream about keeping it real lie more than a rug. Examples???
"This is the realest shit I ever wrote" -Young Jeezy

So what was the rest of your album?? Fluff? Bullshit? Garbage? A complete and utter lie? Or are you saying that it was real, just not as REAL as the aforementioned written rhyme? Hmm... I wasn't aware that their were degrees of realness. I was under the impression that it was either the truth..or a lie. Good thing I know how to think for myself. If we could get our kids to read a book instead of watching wack ass Terrance and lame ass Rocsi on 106th and Park everyday they would be able to differentiate the fantasy from reality. Let's help out a bit. 

Everything in a video ain't real

 Video vixens (we'll use the nice term) get paid to be in these videos. Some (and notice I use the term some) of these women are successful and quite intelligent in their own right. Do you really think they want the likes of...say FABOLOUS?

That's a negative Boo... the beautiful Ki-toy Johnson owns her own company..take that...

Artists make the majority of their money doing shows. Half of the shyt they rap about owning is something they got for FREE simply for being an entertainer. Either that or....they save their pennies (doubtful). They invest. Or they dumb asses are in debt. I typed three words on google. Rappers. Homes. and.. Foreclosure. I got back...... Dame Dash. DMX. Xzibit. Doug E. Fresh. Wyclef Jean. Just to name a few. It's all about perception people. They want you to see them as something they are not. So let's begin the process of heading back to the REAL version of keeping it real. Or let's use it's original term, Honesty.

People are willing to kill, steal, and ruin the lives of our people for an image. To impress people on this earth that aren't worth impressing. So let me be the first person to hit you with some honesty.

 I am a waitress for a living. My money is not long and I don't claim to be balling out of control. I can pay my bills on time and put gas in my tank. If I want some four hundred dollar weave, bad ass purse, or much needed vacation I'm turning to Well fargo online to help me save for it. Or I'm looking for a second job. Anybody wanna pop shyt about it, be my guest, but that's my 100. That's me.....keeping it real. Try it amongst yourselves.


  1. that's what the fuck i'm talking about!!!

    Tell em Vee!!!!

  2. I just wish people would get it Nikki! I have an ex that is worse than teenagers about that shyt...grr.. such a lame!



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