Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear Future Husband,

Dear Future Husband, 

      You don't know it yet, but you will be going on the most amazing ride of your life. With the perfect companion in me as your wife. I am a handful. I have ridiculous fits of anger and tremendous amounts of love. They can both be given simultaneously. You may think that's impossible, but wait and see. I can be messy, argumentative, with a mouth like a sailor and a liver like one too. I like Sex and The City, pink anything, and taking pictures. I get distracted easy and I tell the same stories often. I have an unhealthy addiction to weave, I have a wig collection, and I'm a college dropout. I'm a hard worker. My uppity Leo ways means I will demand that you treat me like a Queen, but I will ALWAYS treat you like a King in return. I procrastinate. I'm fun to be around. I'll make you laugh. But I will push your buttons in a way you never had done before. I could very well make you want to punch me and kiss me passionately all at the same time. I love makeup. I'm 45% tom boy. 55% girly girl. I can be a downright bitch. Not simply for the sake of being one, but when provoked. I will stand by you when the world and logic tells me to walk away. I am over analytical. I drive like a bat outta hell. I'm kinda hairy and slow on the upkeep. I'm honest. I'm emotional. I want to celebrate Valentine's Day, our birthday's and our anniversaries. They mean EVERYTHING, So please don't overlook them. I'm not clingy, but I require a certain amount of attention. I like Tiffany jewelry, but if you give me a candy bracelet I'd cherish it just the same. I need regular compliments. Even when I wake up looking a mess. I'll be your most passionate kiss, your best sex, and your strongest ally if you promise to never let another in the middle of what we have. I will be your loudest cheerleader, but I can be your biggest critic. I have a jealous streak a mile long, but if you give me no reason to question you. I give you know reason to expose it. Never stop being proud to call me your woman. I in return will never stop being proud to call you my man. I can cook. I just won't do it daily. Depending on which day it is I MIGHT want babies. There will be days when my emotions get the best of me. When I clam up, just hug and kiss me. That will make it all better. I get irate at the idea of liars. I'll resent you if you are one. I will be everything you ever wanted, and a few things you didn't. I'll always speak from the heart even if the words might sting. I am sappy and a romantic. Yet and still I can be a ticking time bomb. All of this......simply in the name of love. Whether its a court house or a filled cathedral be prepared. Not for a second, minute, hour, or day. Be prepared for this breathless, intense, and chaotic love......for a lifetime. Loving you....whoever you are and wherever you may be. 

                                                                                                                   Love Always, 



  1. lol i liked the way you wrote this! you were really honest!


  2. I love u always. I promise to prove that he is I and I am him!



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