Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dipped in........

Well unless you're an uber moron you already know that I'm a dark chocolate girl. Not chocolate, but Dark chocolate. and proud. So it was only a matter of time before I posted the dark skinned girl anthem. I really like the song I just don't necessarily like the combo. I mean Lil' Jon, R. Kelly, and Mario?? WTF Where have you three been anyway? It's like a D-list montage *kanye shrugs*, but nonetheless it's for me and my chocolate sistas.....STAND UP!


  1. Yea, the song could’ve had a better line up. But I liked it. I guess I have a new anthem.

  2. Brown fox game proper! It is was it is but we seem taboo/ so exotic today. What's THAT about?

  3. @birdie exactly a great song but the line up is just...WRONG! @Dwana Idk dark girls been around forever now were are ok to even talk about...and oh father thank ya somebody wrote a song about us... maybe before I die I'll be in style!



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