Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who in the hell left the gate open?

WTF is up with all these lame ass men trying to make a love connection over facebook, myspace, and twitter all of a fuckin sudden? When did men stop feeling like they had to put in some damn effort? So all it takes is a few pic comments and a couple a chats and I should give you my phone number? Tuhhhh Where dey do dat at? I am not COMPLETELY against online love connection, but men don't feel compelled to give a 100% anymore. Just bland ass convo with NOTHING else to offer. These "men" claim they want to get to know me. Umm, no you don't. My man KNOWS me and I put money down that sometimes he probably wish he didn't. I could be the sweetest woman you ever had. I can also be the most evil bitch on the planet and you'd have to ask yourself is that the same chick that cooked dinner last night! Unfortunately for you....yes it is! So what you get to know you either won't like or can't handle so.....let's cut the convo short NOW! *rolls eyes* We have a black president, and it's a new decade. Brothas step ya game up please!

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