Friday, March 12, 2010

Life as a Fat Girl Part 2

High school is difficult. Ten times more difficult when you're a chubby girl. A short, dark chubby girl with slightly askew hair. Guys weren't really into short, dark, chubby girls. Especially with askew hair. So I was single.  Of course there's no big thing about being a teenager and being single, but when the entire school is boo'ed up you feel like the unwanted link. And that's how  I felt. For the longest. Sometimes I still do. I assumed that the reason I was alone was because I was the fat girl. Boys don't like fat girls. Not even fat boys. So I relegated myself to being the best female friend possible. I even gave myself a motto "Valecia Ann Price, every guy's girl, but no man's woman". It made me laugh a little, but it was a little hurtful if I must be honest. I secretly thought I was undateable. I didn't even know that I could possibly be desirable to other desirable people until I packed my bags and extra long twin sheets and moved to Mississippi for college.

I suddenly became somebody. When I stepped out of the car and onto the heated ground of Senatobia, Mississippi I became...a woman. In the small towns speckled population of 6,682 people word picked up like wildfire about a little chocolate yankee girl who had come down to their humble little community college. So I was being looked for, and checked out, and suprisingly.......liked. I still kept my guard up. Mean as a pitbull, and as anti-social as they came I still secretly smiled cause guys were checking for me. Short, tall, skinny, husky, white, and black. They liked me...and this is where the real dilemna came about, because when you have attention for once in life.......

What the hell do you do with it?


  1. ur very pretty n im glad ppl finnally realized and accepted that. Ive pretty much had somewhat the same dillema except i was and still am very skinny and as we both know black boys arent checking for no skinny girl without booty sad but true cant wait for pt.3



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