Monday, January 4, 2010

Things my Mama Taught me: Unheeded Good advice on Loot, Life, and Love Vol. I

I have learned a lot from my mom......well NOT exactly. I've learned a lot from life's experiences. Unfortunately for me they were all things my mom had warned me about before hand. I was just too damn stubborn to listen. Teenagers know every damn thing. Chicks in their early twenties seem to as well, but when you reach my age (28 shhhhh) you look back on situations differently. I do wish I would have heeded all the warnings given to me as a young woman, but honestly the ride of life is far more interesting with a few good stories and a little heartache. I can't appreciate the stories without a bit of experience. I'm re-dispensing it hoping someone will hear me out.

I have dated my share of broke ass men. Hell I'm a waitress. I don't think I'm exactly what a stock broker is looking for, but when I say broke ass men I mean.....
"Let's split a soda with two straws not because it looks cute, but because I honestly can't afford to buy you the Coke Zero you want right now".

Yes sir and maam..THAT kind of broke. I won't knock these guys completely. At first glance they were the ones that treated me the best (noticed I said at first) the broke ones also had the biggest tendencies to be cheaters, but that's neither here nor there back to the subject.

Generally these guys meant well, but when shyt hit the fan they didn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. They always wanted to take me "somewhere" nice, but that was always placed in their "one day" file. Along with "pay off child support" or "get a phone in my own name". It generally starts with you being sympathetic to their plight. You pay for a meal here, a pack of cigarettes there, a bag of green from his favorite local supplier (whhaaaa??? So I'm the only one?), buy him a pack of boxers or socks, and before you know it BAM!!! Congratulations, you are now having a sexual and romantic relationship with what you might as well consider your own damn child. Grown men take care of themselves. I have been a victim of this.....more than once. Never again. I flaunt my money in relationships...let them know exactly whats popping off in my checking and savings and when they put their hand out....I say Hell No! See I'm not a skinny girl, but I'm not Rasputia huge either. I once had a guy say to me "Damn so you make good money in that place huh? Well do you pay like you weigh?"

to those that don't get it the asshole asked me do I supply my boyfriends financially in an even ratio to my weight

Needless to say the square got punched in his damn face. But the comment lingered in my head for a while. Who wants to pay for companionship? What type of shyt is that. So I keep my wallet closed. Similar to my legs....cause everybody don't get the goodies. And they sure as hell don't get my cash!

Ne-yo and Mr. Curtis Jackson got girls wandering around looking and being downright silly. "Have a baby by me a millionaire?" GTFOH! Ladies you really think 50 hoppin' in bed with ragamuffin, hoodrat, hip-hop groupies and making their financial dreams come true? Please be serious. He made that song so some random guy could tell you that a few times, get you a couple of shots of Nuvo and knock you up. Trust me next year sometime you'll be in child support court realizing he ain't even a thousand-aire, and the apartment with the private balcony is really the 2 bedroom house he stays in with his Grandma. (He has his own private entry so he don't have to hear her mess!)

In parting.....Think wisely in this day and age your credit score and ability to take care of yourself will last far longer than the average marriage. my mama put it.....

....ain't nobody gonna help you like you help yourself!


  1. Girl, great advice...and sooo very true!!! Been there...done that my damn self!!! BTW, Happy New Year!!!

  2. I have a few friends I need to pass this post to!!



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