Thursday, January 14, 2010

any day is a good day for spring cleaning

Even through a dirty mirror you can still see yourself. So in the midst of lies, there is always a little truth.

I keep it real with myself, therefore it's easier to keep it real with others. I have many not-so-hot characteristics. I have many that I am very proud of. Due to a lack of time let's talk about those that make me stick my chest out just a bit. I am loyal. Almost to a fault. If you are a friend I will stick with you for years, even if you are on some SERIOUS bull shit. I have been working at an IHOP for almost five years. I'm sure I can find something better, but I love my job. I have also made it work for ME. If I am broke it's because of poor financial decisions on my part, NOT because I didn't make the money. So I don't walk away from anything easily. People know that they can turn to me during hard times. I have never been a fair weather friend. Don't even know what it's like to garner those shady ass characteristics. I do however know a few people who got more shade than a lamp, umbrella, and wide brimmed hat in the summertime COMBINED.

And they forced me to do some MASSIVE spring cleaning. BTW Spring cleaning can be done during any season. I just used the term spring, because when you're done what's left is a cleaner, fresher, brighter life and existence. Similar to that of...uhhh, yep you got it, spring!

Why do we have such bad tendencies to keep toxic people in our lives? When I say toxic I mean shady ass friends, unethical people, cheating boyfriends, leeching family members, and the like. I am very upfront about my feelings. When I love someone I want to keep them in the circle for as long as possible, but sometimes I don't notice what actions are telling me. When people are doing wrong by you they are basically saying, "I don't want to be apart of your circle anymore". Maybe they are in denial, or too scared to walk off on their own. Who really knows what makes them stay? I don't. What I do know is they don't wanna.

So I let them go.... it hurts a bit., but it's necessary. I let a friend go recently that I had been friends with so long I couldn't imagine us NOT being friends, but the attitude I got from her said, "Everyone else in my life is more important than you". So I gave her space and opportunity to spend time with those EXTRA important people. It was weird. I thought I was going to miss her to the point of tears, but honestly...I don't give a fuck. My life feels less.....chaotic now. It feels good. So the question is who are you holding onto that you shouldn't and exactly what is it going to take for you to let go? It's a new year and decade don't you want to start off fresh and clean?


  1. I know what you mean about letting go of those people that are only holding you down and making one's life just a tad bit more difficult or chaotic than it should be. I did some spring cleaning a few months back. I think about that friendship that I lost but I realized that you gotta worry about yourself. Fuck the drama, tears, pain, and heartaches. It's 2010!!! Live it up!!!

  2. I think one of the reasons I enjoy your blogs so much is that your realness really comes through. I can really feel that. I greatly admire that.

    Spring cleaning--I let go of a couple siblings. Getting rid of the toxic bullshit was the most liberating, refreshing thing I've ever done.



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