Monday, January 18, 2010

*pouts* I really want it *stomps*

Disclaimer: We could take this title and make it mean a lot of things...some of which are perverted. LOL Let your mind wander far off into the gutter. Go ahead. I can wait. LOL

So I'm kinda getting the shakes. Yes, the shakes. Those old drug-induces shakes. I really want to buy some new clothes! I sit and stare at fly ass knee-high boots on EVANS, cute plaid tops on Wet Seal, or Torrid. This is sooo pushing up on my "Get The Hell Out Of Racine" funds. Not to mention my hot, sweaty unquenchable desire for the Tiffany heart bracelet and necklace. Oh....did I mention I am STILL carless. Sheesh, will I ever control myself? Grrrr.


  1. LOL get control of yourself girl!!! JUST SAY NO!!!

  2. Thats how I am and my mom and dad knows it. They took my refund check from me till the summer cuz they know im finna blow it. Im getting my refund Friday and get to keep it and im already planning on blowing 500 to 65 dollars in one day. Im pathetic. (sad face). I still have to pay for my Application Fee and Housing for me to Transfer in the fall year.

  3. Ugh. I want to shop SO.DARN.BAD. Hate it!

  4. Uh girl...I know the feeling. Cutie bracelet, though!



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