Friday, April 22, 2011

TAG!!!!!! I'm it.....LOL

I was tagged recently by the lovely and oh so fly Zakiya of Bigg Badd Wolf: A style Blog with the oh so prestigious Kreativ Blogger award. I believe this to be my first one....(if not *shrugs* sorry memory is slipping) either way I am super excited and thankful. The award rules go as follows:

*State 10 facts about yourself
*Tag 10 bloggers
*Inform them that they've been given the award

No...this is NOT my room, but I wish it was....

Based upon the words I post I come across as a very rough around the edges type broad. That's merely one side to me. I am actually quite girly girly. I like unicorns, glitter, Lisa Frank and all that shit. But above all else my favorite color is pink. I wear it all the time. 

I have odd dreams of becoming a plus size model. Don't ask why. Or even how for that matter. I just know I look damn good in photographs. Not all that hot in person, but in photographs...absolutely stunning!!!!

I am in love with wonder woman. I think she is the best super hero (ine) ever made. Hell I love Linda Carter simply because she played Wonder Woman. Oh shit I just had the hottest thought....a photoshoot as Wonder woman.....yeahhhhh...that would be the hotness!!!

I studied Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I dropped out as a junior. Life kinda got in the way, but I do love writing. My problem is I write how I's not all that proper. LOL. To be honest I never really had a desire to write. I wanted to have my own talk show. I have an opinion about everything. It's not always right, but it sure is interesting.

Over the years I have grown to be a tad bit anti-social. I don't hate people per'se. It's the idiosyncrasies of people that gnaw at my nerves. 
LOL cocaine waitress...not my profession but I liked the pic

Even while being a non "people lover" I am a waitress by trade. Yes I say by trade. I don't care what anyone says waitressing takes a skill and patience that I never knew I had. It's weird I'm not a fan of the public, but I can tap dance and shuffle if cash is involved. I love what I do. I'm just looking to do it in way better venues. Too bad I'm too fat to be a stripper cause I would sooo do it. Nahhhh I'm playing....or am I???? LOL

I am a foodie. Whole Foods, trader joes, and farmer's markets make my day. I have a  love of produce that is just weird. I can and will try any vegetable once. So far I have only disliked one......the dreaded asparagus. I may try it again and just cook it differently. 

I have super strong legs. The first fitness activity I joined in middle school was....The weight lifting club. I showed up after school all cute in my pink tee, black sweats, and pink and black shoes to find out two things about myself. I was the ONLY girl that was joining. And....I could leg press 120 lbs. at the age of eleven. I do 40 squats and lunges a can only imagine what my butt looks like LOL
well not like this...but dammit it's getting there!
My PC is starting to act an ass. Ol' Bessie has seen some good days but now I think it's time to bid her adieu! Honestly I don't really have new computer money right now so Bessie might have to hold out till I say when. I won't be saying when soo. Hell I have bills people.

Call me a stand up woman with a basic bitch  twist. I don't know if marriage and babies are truly in the cards for me. If I never get married I won't feel as if I have been slighted in life and the great experiences that I've had. But here's the basic bitch twist.....I don't really need a marriage. The ultimate love my name in a visible spot. *swoons* See I told you that was basic.....very. LOL

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  1. The weight lifting fact was interesting to know/learn about you :)

    SN: We all wish we had (Coco's?) butt, but, with the flawlessness comes an outrageous plastic surgery bill #iSaidIT lol!



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