Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Line 1.

The phone......*ahem* the mobile phone. One of the best creations ever made. I won't lie I damn near live and die by my ability to use my blackberry. If I put my hand in my purse and I don't immediately feel it my temperature sky rockets. I like the majority of cell phone owners am addicted to the connectedness that comes with mobile access. I can text, chat, BBM, video chat, Facebook, tweet, and all kindsa shit. My ability to remain  in constant communication with the world is endless. I can connect with anyone. ANYONE. The world wide web coupled with the cool things these new fangled phones do is pure heaven for sneaky people and cheaters. The internet and a phone doesn't make a good person a cheater. It does however make a cheater a better and much more sneaky one. So with all that in mind.....I asked a few friends (by text of course).....

If you and your girlfriend/boyfriend/boo/sex thang traded phones for twenty four hours would you still have a girlfriend/boyfriend/boo/sex thang?
 A few of my friends responded with the happy cheery...."oh but of course". Those are the kinds of responses that made me roll my eyes and almost throw my blackberry. You know what I'm saying. Those are the responses I got from girls whose men ain't about shit. You know we all got a friend with a sorry ass man. She knows it. Hell, the world knows it. But she expects you to pretend like he's reformed and pretend like he's a stand-up guy.  Those responses......I all out ignored. Then the REAL responses came. Some said yes....and I believed them. My married friend said her and her husband sometime mistakenly take the wrong phones in the morning. And never has she had an issue. No passwords hidden. No locks. No nothing. And then there were other answers, "Hell no! All my girls think they the only one" said one of my whorebag male friends.

 The most interesting response came from a coworker. She informed me that her boyfriend isn't even "allowed" to own a cell phone.
That's when I gave the WTF face.

 This required more than a back and forth text rapport. This was damn near a face to face interview. Or at least an after work drink session the next day. So over Linguini and Strawberry Limoncello Martinis she explained herself. " He isn't allowed to talk to bitches" she stated. "What does he need to have female friends for?" I already knew it was a question I need not answer. She controlled the relationship and his ability to go any further than 100 feet from his house or job. But she wasn't a saint. Her list of male suitors were lined around the block.

   I won't lie. I thought hmmm seems like a good idea. But honestly what real warm blooded brother (or man of any race) is really okay with being strapped with crazy rules and regulations. Honestly what woman of maturity and normal functioning brain capacity would be okay trying to set those kinds of restrictions on a man? Trust is a questionable thing. I don't toy with it. It's fragile. In today's day in age trust and relationship boundaries are far more gray than than the black and white way that seemed so much easier. On one side unshakeable trust makes an unshakeable relationship. But then again when did having a romantic relationship with someone mean that was an end to any possible personal space?  I'm sure my booski wouldn't be pleased at EVERYTHING in my phone. Or me with his, but that's why my phone is mine. And his is his. So...who knows what would happen if we switched phones. I just know for now......we won't.


  1. This is a great post. I'm actually less attatched to my phone than I used to be, but then again I don't have the web on there like I used to.

  2. wow, great read. I loved how you ended it too. hey we are all allowed privacy, and being in a relationship does not mean you are owned by your mate. their phone is theirs and my phone is mine.



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