Saturday, December 18, 2010

If you don't........get in the corner!!

I'm just having one of them days yall' I wanna tell a few people this. I know there's consequences and repercussions to stuff like that, but I mean if it don't get said.....these folks are gonna keep walkin' around thinking being a dummy is ok...these words speak to the masses if they hurt a little don't say anything to me. Simply straighten up and fly right. 

I am a server. The old school term is waitress. That does in no way or language translate to slave. If I'm busy and sweat is pouring down my face Do not. I repeat do not ask me to go get little Bethany a red crayon because she doesn't like orange ones. Do I look like the mutha *bleepin* crayon wrangler??? That's the kinda thing that will make my curly wig stick straight!! Here's a corner take a seat!!!

So I am "friends" with this former plus size porn star on facebook. Apparently she has changed her doggystyle ways, lost weight, and has a WHOLE lot on her mind now! Seems like she forgot who she was. You don't have a gang load of friends on FB because you're a super cool popular chick. You have friends because you used to do PORN sweetie! PORN!!! Ummmm girl please only two years ago you were eating 16 double whopper's with bacon before doin' the Akinyele (aka puttin it in ya mouth) on camera. Now you're talking about black women can't keep men because they are fat and sloppy and ranting and raving about women being hoes?? I mean seriously?? Obviously your mind set ain't very *cough* Crystal Clear! *throws her a dvd* here's a refresher of what you used to be bae!! Go watch that in the corner!!

Relationships are never easy. But if you find someone you truly love no matter what you're going through you should constantly show them that you love them. If not the next person will. Give them the good on the regular. Or the next person will. Compliment or the next person will. You have been warned. You could either cum with someone you love by choice or cum alone because you have NO other option. Ugh Go sanitize your hands and get in the corner!

Don't complain about what you can fix. Fix it or wallow in the despair that is that situation. One of my co-workers goes on and on about how horrible her *cough* (oooh I hate this term) "baby daddy" is. They are almost NEVER together, he doesn't actually "live" with her he's just there to watch the baby (yeah right), he hasn't had a job since 2007, and even then he was only the weed salesmen. Now with all the whining what does lil' miss do??? She gets knocked up again!! Ummm to the corner you go!!!

*Locks door with the dummies inside* wonder how long it will take for them to kill each other with their stupidity?? *walks off*


  1. ROTFLMAO! The porn star is looking down on folks now? Too much!

  2. exactly too much!! It would be one thing if she was trying to help people and say things with love but she words it like she's better than folks now! Girl please you still got carper fibers embedded in your knees!

  3. Miss Clear, needs to definitely have a seat! A mess!



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