Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's wrong with being the fat girl???

Disclaimer: Today I have eaten about 1500 calories....not enough do to me sleeping in earlier. I have however taken in a HUGE amount of fruits and veggies. I knocked out 45 minutes on the elliptical and 15 on the treadmill. I faithfully log my eating and exercise victories and mishaps with my Myfitnesspal app daily. Why? Because it's time to get healthy. I need to drop poundage because the weight I stand at at my stature is just not good. Not to mention now that I'm in my dirty thirties that whole time waits for no man statement means a hell of a lot more. I maybe doing it to tighten up some areas as well but my goals are pretty low. I've always been a heavy girl. From childhood on up. I can't even fathom myself wearing a pair of jeans under a size fourteen. And I'm cool with that. I say all that to say this. Dropping your BMI, weight, and blood pressure can be very important to your health and livelihood. But when its not really connected to that....what's wrong with being the fat girl?

Maybe you watch MTV (I really don't because I'm just over that shit) and got a chance to catch the show Chelsea Settles.

 It was about a plus size girl who was looking to make it big in the fashion world, deal with an unsupportive boyfriend and lose weight in the process. It revolved around the already beautiful young ladies struggles with her career, relationship and weight. I admit her weight was unhealthy as she did weigh in at 324 pounds and much like myself she has an admitted food addiction.

Honestly I gave this show the side eye. Not because I'm pro-obesity, but much like MTV's Fat Camp show both seemed more about the hip, vibrant, youthful MTV generation image rather than about healthy living. If the weight loss is about being hot well then I'm hot in a spanx, leggings, heels, and form fitting top. I gave this show a whole episode and magically forgot about it. Until I saw these pics earlier this week.


All I could say was wholly fucking Hotcakes with butter and Karo syrup!!!! Is that even the same effin dame??? The beautiful Chelsea now looked like a super fashionable Natalie Nunn!!! I mean that in a good and bad way. Her weight loss is phenomenal and I am oh so proud of her, but boy is that drastic. Like Jennifer Hudson, Raven Symone, America Ferrera, and so many others. It kinda made me feel some kinda way. Like it was wrong to be me. And that my friend is a lie. What's wrong with being the plus size girl.

I don't ever want to get rid of my thick shapely hips and thighs. My ass is popular all on it's own. My curves are what I adore. I have my problem areas and issues, but I am content right in the plus size section. I'm ok with double digits stitched in my clothing tags and a butt you can sit a drink on. It's never made me any less dateable (well to the ones I would deem date worthy), or smart or talented. As I drink my 10th 20 ounce bottle of water I must admit I am on a quest for a healthier lifestyle, but the plus size vixen I am is the one I will always be....just weighing in at a lower number. So what really is wrong with being the fat girl? We if my life doesn't depend on it.....absolutely nothing.


  1. I feel the SAME way.................I love my ass hips and thighs and I will probably forever be the plus sized girl.......the best dressed one u ever saw!! loll



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