Tuesday, January 10, 2012

....and I know this much is true

I can say many things about 2011. How great it was. How horrible it was.How much I lost. How much I gained. What I sought to learn, but most importantly what I really took from it. I can take this moment to go into a drastic tunnel of retrospect, but I won't. I won't. I won't dwell with what it was but I can deal with what 2012 it can be.

So as we may (or may not know) I'm 30 now. That's that age where you're old enough to not fuck up anymore, but young enough to still party like a 18 year old as long as you keep your body full of b12. Young enough to still fall head over heels in love, but old enough to look before you allow yourself to fall. When work becomes necessity. And family (or lack thereof) becomes priority. That age where tears take a backseat to creating solutions. The stage where irrational, illogical emotional decisions and thinking will destroy you. Well the age that brings along all those things........that is now where I reside. I want to look back at my twenties and think of all the mistakes that put me in a rut at thirty, but once again I can't do that. All I know is that I have to make this next ten years as amazing as possible. Let all the things that were negative fade into the background of memories. Let all the tears dry on my proverbial pillow and create the best possible life for myself that I can. No heartache excuses, No job excuses. No allowing myself to be my biggest setback. This much I know is true. It's time to take control. The best way I can. The only way I know how. Yes...and I know that this much is true.

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