Monday, April 26, 2010

What about your friends??

   We all know that I am a big fan of Sex and The City. The day to day lives of four fabulous women, with  exciting, and envious romantic and sexually adventures reeled me in long, long ago. The one thing that made it all the more interesting was.....the friendship. The understanding that no matter what happened to the guys, the jobs, the events, the hot clothes by the time the sound of the sax started in the closing credits the friendship was in tact. Are real friendships that easy? NO! Especially with women? HELL NO! 

 I have had my share of female friends. Some close enough to know everything about me. I've considered some to be sisters. I have even put one or two before the best interest of me and my own blood. Very few have become this close to me. Hell let's keep it real. Just one. And that didn't work out. Not sure why. Not quite sure if I even care. I just know it didn't and I accept that. Other friendships failed for other superficial reasons. Or better yet weren't even real. Sometimes however, (and I do mean just sometimes) I miss the sisterhood and camaraderie of being a part of a tight everyday unit.

  But......I don't make friendships easy. I am what my mom calls "sometimey". I have never been the most friendly person. Do you see people you know sometimes and you wonder whose going to speak first? Well if I'm that other person don't hold your breath. If I saw you Monday and I said hello I kinda find it pointless to say hello on Wednesday. Weird?? Yeah I know. I'm not a casual conversationalist. I don't talk about the game, the weather, or all those other unimportant things people discuss just to have a reason to run there fuckin mouths. That behavior makes me come off as a bitch at times. Okay most of the time. Fuck it. All the time. Few understand my actions.

  The girls who understand my actions and who I am as a woman have always been there. We may not be as tight as Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda, but they know me. I can call them on them when times are hard or for nothing at all. And I know the feeling is likewise. When others whine about how mean Valecia is they say, "Naww, that's my girl you just don't know her like I do". And that's the point. My real friends take the real me and accept it. They don't just know of me. They KNOW me. And if those types are few, far and in between....I'm more than happy with the few I got.

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  1. It is nice to feel relaxed and just be yourself. i agree with you that real life friendships aren't normally that easy. The fantasies are nice, but when we are real and let it all hang out some people just aren't up for it. i've been pretty much a loner myself. Friendships seem much easier when they are fantasy based or just being friends on Blogger or YouTube, but my life will probably not ever have anything like a "Sex In the City" group of friends. i'm just too odd and reclusive for that except for in my dreams and on the computer now and then. It's good your real friends accept the real you. That's the way it should be.



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