Saturday, January 26, 2013


Okay I'm a bad blogger. I haven't blessed you with my presence in a VERY long time. A lot has happened since I last let acrylics hit keyboard. I took a new position in a new city, moved to thus said city, position ended up being pure horse shyt, and now I'm in thus said city doing a new job which is my old job in the new city. Follow that? LOL Anywho because I'm no longer on a dumb schedule and I'm spend more cyber world time I will be blogging much more often. So in in normal random chocolate girl wonder behavior I'll post a song I'm feeling right now...enjoy.

Delta Rae-Bottom of The River


  1. I don't speak french or remember the saying in french but a rough translation is: All changes, all is the same. The music video gave me the chills but to me it seemed at the end it wad walking free into the unknown instead of looking so dire the way it did at the beginning. So sorry to hear that your move to the new city was a disappointment, but yes, I followed that - back where you started but i a different place. I like your taste in music but hope you listen to more cheery things too. You have all my best wishes for the New Year to bring better things and for you to be well. :)



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