Friday, February 11, 2011

The art of the upgrade

"But your dynasty ain't complete without a chief like me"

So for a lack of better things to do this morning I found myself on youtube watching music videos. Not recent hot shyt, but circa 2003-2008 type shyt. The kinda jams that made you think of an old vacation, a goofy ex, or just a different maybe happier time in your life. Lo and behold I came upon Mrs. Jigga and this video. My first thought was....

Ummm damn can I get her workout plan and.....second...

Have I ever in life upgraded a man?

Not a Hermes bag, Purple label type of upgrade, but a conscientious one. Do the men I leave in my wake leave better or worse because of me? Does my presence better or worsen his situation???
And if you get the same answer I all means you are a bad bitch chick! So feel free to sing along LOL


  1. I hav't Beyonce Upgraded a man but I definfely changed a life or two. Especially my last ex boyfriend he walked out the relationship a much better than what he was when he got there. I got the right mind to call him and ask him for a check for my services. he definitely wasn't hott until we got together and i got my hands on him..not just hott physically but mentally too! i brought alot of thins into his life

  2. Amen!! Thats what I'm talking about! Dontcha kinda get pissed at the idea of making someone better for the next chick? smh! LOL

  3. I have yet to upgrade anyone other than myself. lol

  4. lol I need to upgrade this computer too. and while their at it, 3 times a week with a personal trainer. lol



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